Firmware version 3.1 released.

Firmware 3.1 brings a lot of significant improvements not only in FrameXX devices, but can be used with older i-Frame devices as well.
It adds new features, increases stability of the system and it is the first revision able to work fully with FrameXX CONTROL cloud.
FrameXX CONTROL cloud can be used as a FREE version (with some feature limitations) or as full PRO version (activated by one-time never-expiring small fee).
If you process update from version 3.0 (FrameXX label), due to modified update module, it is not possible to use automatic update from Internet update (in System menu). Just for this moment, it is required to use local update from inserted USB/SD.
We deeply apologize for this inconvenience, however as a result you will get better system in your device..
The installation file is located (with instructions) in “Download” section.

List of new features and improvements in 3.1 is very long, here you can see just the most important:

* Local control via browser significantly improved (new features, stability..)
* FrameXX CONTROL cloud launched
* New display settings dialog, analog PAL output supported (for FrameXX devices – optional multi-cable requested)
* Miracast (screen wireless transmission to FrameXX)
* 4K video output support (up to 3840×2160) – only FrameXX device (not i-Frame)
* HTML page(s) can be stored in local memory/USB
* External Youtube module added (cannot be used in Slideshow)
* Wifi hotspot support even for LTE USB modems (only specified models supported, e.g. LTE Huawei3276)

* Improved interoperability with FrameXX CONTROL cloud
* Flickr, API update, error warning with empty folders suppressed
* New PLST parameter Zoom (Z:1) allows optimization of html page (for single page mainly)
* Connection reliability during webcontrol improved
* Timers improved
* TXT/JPG supported for local cached Slideshow
* TXT/JPG supported for Flickr and WWW source (MEMORY root location)
* Improved options to build own CMS/FTP system (all cloud communication (LOG,XML) can be forwarded out of FrameXX default server)
* Double playback of first PLST item fixed
* Implemented full WWW refresh (identical as Ctrl+F5)
* IFR parameter Deletebeforecopy=true fixed (erase copy target)
* HTML background music terminated when page exited
* Font color assignment fixed
* Fixed error “Video too long to initialize”
* … a lot of improvements in system




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