FrameXX SIGN 2


Flexible solution for Digital Signage

This media player connects easily to a monitor to display anything from store advertisements to business presentations and family photos. FrameXX Sign comes in a small, ruggedized metal case, supports video resolution up to UHD 4k, and plays customized, automated presentations. This device can be also used for centralized content distribution. Optional cloud based FrameXX Control system offers easy remote control and monitoring for groups of devices. With this new media player, the possibilities are limitless!

  • displays files located in internal memory, LAN or internet (FTP, Flickr, Dropbox, HTML5)
  • performs mix presentation of pictures and video with optional flying info bar and fixed side banner
  • possibility of floating text (RSS, other informations)
  • offers remote slideshow synchronization over LAN or internet
  • simple preparation of the content (no need to use the paid portals for the management)
  • unmanned operation possibility, internet remote control
  • feedback on the service (logfile)

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Typical usage

  • fast food chains, restaurants, car rentals, hotels – centralized content management possible
  • retail outlets (interiers and shop windows) – local and centralized presentations / distributor can centrally update the content – new products, promotions
  • central business presentation with the transmission’s contents – easy management of the content without the need to use the paid server
  • schools, offices, hospitals, museums – automated provision of up-to-date information, education
  • trade shows, products presentations 


  • Wireless multimedia device working from USB/SD, LAN or Internet
  • Photo slideshow (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF) with background audio capabilities
  • ideo playback with resolution up to 4k UHD /Full HD 1920×1080 (MPEG4, MKV, AVI, TS), direct support for MOV (iPhone/iPad) and MP4 (Android), HTML5 support
  • Autostart of mixed content (photo+video), presented from USB, SMB/UPnP, FTP, Flickr, Dropbox)
  • Manual photo / video presentations
  • Playlists and timers support with week plan
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Slideshow of all sub-directories (function “recursion”)
  • YouTube support (only manual mode)
  • Transition effects, timing, date filters, flying text info bar, fixed image (multi-layer system)
  • Remote control, content synchronizing, and multiple screen support
  • Optional cloud control system
  • Miracast display mirroring from smartphones and tablets to FrameXX
  • 1 × LAN, 1 × IrDA, 1 × HDMI (3840 x 2160 px), 2 × USB, 1 × SD
  • Optional cable with 1 × composite video (Cinch), Stereo Audio (Cinch), RS232, IrDA
  • 13GB internal memory
  • LAN and WiFi (b/g/n) 2,4 GHz / 5GHz (removable external antenna – SMA type)
  • RF remote control compatible
  • Internal & amp; external IrDA receiver (1,5m cable)
  • Ruggedized metal housing
  • Fanless design (reliable and silent operation)
  • Contains universal metal holder, HDMI cable, infra RC
  • Size 10,6 × 10 × 2,4 cm
  • Power supply 5V\2A