you are aproaching FrameXX CONTROL cloud server that allows to control assigned devices via any webbrowser.

First, you must be sure your device contains firmware version 3.1 or higher.
If not, please process firmwre update, otherwise i-Frame webportal cannot run properly.

Short guide how to use it:
– Create FrameXX account on FrameXX CONTROL cloud

– Set device for remote control. This means –
1. Define device name (Device name)
2. Go to Monitoring / Remote control and enter FrameXX account as registered already on CONTROL cloud
4. Enable monitoring (pasive part of communication that allows to monitor devices and see operation history)
5. Enable Remote control.
6. Define FTP/CMS server. If you use default settings (FrameXX server), you will be limited to store files for Slideshow and Playlist usage of FTP server. If you define other FTP server then Default, then all features are enabled (do not forget to edit FTP server address in FrameXX account)
7. Define Remote control interval (period when device checks if any new command on FTP/CMS server present) , default is 20 seconds. Please note that short interval can cause high server traffic and consequently can limit server responsibility
8. Select Enable or Disable if available full local filelist (from MEMORY, USB, SD) on CONTROL. Please make sure how many files is stored in memory locations as this can lead to higher data traffic (even 8GB memory can carry more then 1K files..).

If any question, idea or discovered bug, please report them to us. We will be more then happy to work on improvements and patches to create this product as stable and reliable as possible.

FrameXX CONTROL cloud is running HERE.

Enjoy !


Team FrameXX.